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Martin Hollmichel - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg

I'm glad that our mac (sub-) porting group found a new leader of the mac
porting effort.

Thanks to Eric for all his work done for the Mac Porting Project. As I
have learned today he's looking for other areas of work within the project.

Also welcome Shaun as his successor and good luck for the future work.

There was some discussion on the mac list that there was some confusion
about being a "real" project in The Mac porting Team is
currently the biggest part of the porting project, no doubt.

So I would like to ask all the other members of the porting project to
support Shaun for leading the Mac efforts and for being a (Co-)Lead of
the overall porting project as a successor of Eric.


eric b wrote:

> Hi,
> I think I did my time, and I'm glad to announce Shaun McDonald is the
> new Mac OS X project Lead.
> Since a long time, Shaun is close to me and, and has shown a lot of
> interest for the Mac OS X port. He does a great work in
> project, mainly for the Macport and QA project, is well appreciated,
> very diplomatic, and has brillant ideas.
> I trust him, and agree with his Vision of what should be the Mac OS X port.
> They are the reasons why I'm convinced Shaun will be a great Lead for
> the project, and I wish him all the best !
> Please welcome Shaun !
> Eric Bachard

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