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eric b-3
Hello Herbert, Philipp,

Thank you very much for your presentation. Your backgrounds are
impressive, and the Mac port is *extremely glad* to welcome
professionals like you.

As reminder, (but you probably know everything below), the Mac port does
use several ways for communication :

1) Mailing lists :  [hidden email]
Mailing lists are extremely important, and prefer use them for new
implementation, patches to be tested, etc.

2) Mac porting site :
Shaun, Eric and other maintain that important entry point

3) IRC : server  channel : #ooo_macport  ( my nickname
is ericb2 )
+ we do weekly IRC Meetings : next is scheduled tomorrow, Friday 4th May .

See : (
old meeting logs are available)

4) wiki :

Important :  we try to document everything on Aqua pages :
The point is : describe everything to avoid to redo and redo later.

This is the way Mac port lives :-)

To know more about the exact current status for Aqua port (means
commited code, not work in progress), I'd suggest you to start a build (
see Aqua Build page ), and discuss with us on IRC to be aware of all
work in progress.

- Top 10 of issues :

+ I got other issues in my list :

@all :  please complete the list if you have other issues not listed above.

> Enough talking from my side, I better get down and dirty with coding.
> I'd like to pick up the ATSU integration in VCL that I helped with a
> long while ago.

FYI, S├ębastien Plisson wrote the first part of ATSU integration.

If you have other questions feel free to ask, and be very welcome aboard !!

With best regards,
Eric Bachard,
for the Mac OS X porting Team

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