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Re: [native-lang] Updating old records in bibliography database - request for assistance

Louis Suárez-Potts-3

On 2007-07-09, at 06:42 , Jacqueline Rahemipour wrote:

> Hi all,
> I asked this already some months ago on a different mailinglist,  
> but now its time to start with the work :-)

I'm not sure which list replied...  But adding dev@bibliographic. to  
cc list.  Apologies for duplication.

> The version 2 is out now for a long time, but the records of the  
> bibliography database still show only literature which fits to  
> version 1.x.
> Some users complain about the existing records in general, because  
> they have to be removed manually. On the other hand the  
> bibliography database is often used as example for the modul base  
> or for mail merge.
> So I suggest following:
> Remove all records from biblio.dbf, add a second file samples.dbf  
> to collect literature for OOo 2x.
> I would like to update the database records now and ask other  
> native-lang projects to provide lists with their literature.
> If you want to help me and like to see your literature included  
> too, please send me following information:
> Author
> Pages
> Publisher
> Title
> Year
> Language
> I will include the language in the existing field custom1. I think,  
> it doesn't matter, because we use a seperat file.
> Send your file directly to my email-adress or attach it to issue
> I think, this has also a positive marketing effect, if users see,  
> that there is much literature about OOo 2.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jacqueline Rahemipour
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