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Stefan Taxhet (sonews)

Pavel Janík wrote:

>    From: Rafaella Braconi <[hidden email]>
>    > during the NL Meeting in Lyon, some of the NL Community
>    > representatives brought to the attention the issue regarding
>    > dictionaries and thesaurus they would like to see integrated into the
>    > builds.
>    >
>    > If I remember well we suggested the following process:
>    >
>    > - file an issue to Pavel, cc: myself ([hidden email])
> yes, lingucomponent project. Please add the data needed for external form
> as specified in the mail from Martin.
>    > With this mail I would like to remind the NL Communities of the above
>    > process. Also, I would like to emphasize that in case the dictionary
>    > /thesaurus is under GPL license, Martin will need to request legal
>    > approval before integration.
> Legal approval/review is needed in *every* case.

Thanks for following up on the discussion you had in Lyon.
Here is the form Pavel mentioned above:

>    > OOo builds can be released and distributed only under LGPL license.
> Hmm, this is not strictly true. You can grab the LGPL release and
> immediately relicense it under GNU GPL only as allowed by GNU LGL license.

Formally Bjoern and Pavel are correct. That's the way one of the porting
efforts maintains it's derivative code - unfortunately this doesn't help
the project much.
Builds provided by the project - including the Native
Language Confederation - should follow the project license policies. We
will produce more confusion than improve the situation with GPL builds.
The project doesn't back relicensing to GPL - even if legally allowed.

I would recommend to follow the invitation from Pavel/Rafaella/Martin
and work on the inclusion of the dictionaries.

> Simply put: we can't (yet) include GNU GPL licensed dictionaries.
But there are two ways to handle the need for dictionaries:
a) Publish them for access by DictOOo
b) Start the review as recommended above


PS: It's hard to follow all the CC'ed lists. If necessary I would like
to continue on dev@native-lang.

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