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Re: svn commit: r20825 - /dev/openoffice/4.1.4-RC1/binaries/kid/

Andrea Pescetti-2
On 06/08/2017 jim wrote:
> Author: jim
> Date: Sun Aug  6 00:24:52 2017
> New Revision: 20825
> Log:
> Add in Language kid

Language "kid" is not released, see my "Tips on uploading builds"
message. It is an internal fake "language" used to help translators
identify strings.

The abbreviation "kid" stood for "Key ID" in the imagination of the
developer who invented it, but it happens to be a valid ISO code for a
real language called Koshin, so it's better not to distribute it.

It is, however, very valuable to have kid builds available somewhere,
e.g., on a personal web space. They are especially useful when
translators are working on the new strings - so not in the 4.1.x series,
but for the 4.2.x releases.


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