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Marcus (OOo)
Hi Radiah,

you recently contacted the OpenOffice security mailing list. As
explained in [1], the e-mail address you used should only be used for
reporting undisclosed security vulnerabilities in Apache products and
managing the process of fixing such vulnerabilities. Your e-mail does
not meet that criteria.

You may wish read some information on how the ASF works [2] before
contacting the appropriate project(s) with your enquiry via the
appropriate channel for each project.

 From your report it looks like a problem that doesn't really touch the
security topic. Therefore we recommend that you use the users@ mailing
list [3] or the users forums [4].

We will not respond to further messages regarding this topic.

[3] mailto:[hidden email]


Am 16.12.19 um 20:10 schrieb Radiah Fort:
> I just saved something on my open office hardware.  When I went to
> retrieve it, it was encoded.  I did not encode anything.
> Can you tell me in what way to uncode my document!

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