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Re: [tools-dev] Some questions on Repackage and Scp2 module.

Ingo Schmidt
Hi Cynthia,

first of all, you can find the documentation about scp2 here:

Answers to your question in the text:

>  1. Is it possible to remove the files that without a gid defined in module scp2 ?
>   For example, I can't find the gid of file "msgbsutl.dll" in scp2, and can only find the information in the output tree in  "instsetoo_native" with the line:    \OOo_m247\instsetoo_native\\OpenOffice\msi\idt_files\en-US\en-US\File.idt(1623):msgbsutl.dll g_f_mozilla_runtime__program msgbsutl.dll 200704 16384 2140
>  And in
> \OOo_m247\instsetoo_native\\OpenOffice\msi\info_files\en-US\packorder.txt(2142):2140 msgbsutl.dll msgbsutl.dll
>   What shall I do if I want to remove it, regardless whether it is useful or not?

No, you cannot simply remove the files, that are not defined in scp2. It
is possible to define files with flag ARCHIVE in scp2. Many files are
delivered into the solver as zip files, that are unpacked during
creation of installation sets. Your file msgbsutl.dll is included in the
file In scp2 this is File gid_File_Mozilla_Runtime.

>  2. How to read the "ddf" file ?
> Like in :
> \OOo_m247\instsetoo_native\\OpenOffice\msi\ddf\en-US\ there is a line:
>  "OpenOffice\msi\zip\en-US\00\mozruntime_zip\components\i18n.dll" i18n.dll
>  what's the meaning of this line? And what the ddf files used for?

The ddf files are created in the packaging process. It is used as
parameter for makecab.exe to generate the cabinet files in the
installation set. The first line in the ddf file contains the name of
the cabinet file. Each line contains the path where the file is located
before it is included into the cabinet file. The last part of the line
is the name that the file will have inside the cabinet file.

>  3. What's the meaning of item "Component_" in "idt" files?
>  like: "\OOo_m247\instsetoo_native\\OpenOffice\msi\idt_files\en-US\00\File.idt".

The idt files are also generated automatically during packaging process.
This are the tables of the msi database. The "Component_" in File.idt
means, that this column contains a value that has to be defined in the
component table Componen.idt. It is a relational database.

>  4. How does the file "packorder.txt" generated? And does the item "Filetable_Sequence" mean the module defined in module_xxx.scp? I can't find it in source, but in output tree instead.

The file packorder.txt is also generated during packaging process for
each installation set. It contains several columns. The first is the
Sequence number of each file in the File.idt, the File table of the msi
database. Each file has a unique sequence number in this table. It has
only indirectly a connection to scp2, where the different modules are
defined in module_xxx.scp. The different cabinet files are generated
with the module information in scp2.

Kind Regards from Hamburg


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