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G. Roderick Singleton-2
On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 13:30 -0500, Joe Byers wrote:
> Does anyone know of a reference to OO2.0 default configuration files?

The users list is probably not the best place to ask questions on the
internals. You may get an answer you may not from this list; however, I
would like to direct you to the [hidden email] list which does deal
with these types of questions and you may also find the API project
webpages useful too. see and as well. Also have a
look at for user guides and HOW-TOs
on customizations of this type.

I have cc'd the dev list so do look there for answers.

> For example the current.xml and default.xml files located under various
> accelerator\ directories in the
> DandC\user\applications\ and under the program
> files/ subdirectories contain all the keyboard
> shortcuts.  These files can be modified instead the time consuming way
> of using the tools-customize method.
> I am particularly interested in the styles settings.  The borders
> formatting defaults to .04 or .02 text spacing around the cell in a
> table when a border is added.  I have tried changing the individual
> styles but many styles  are linked to a base style.  Not matter where I
> change these text spacings, they do not become my defaults.
> So a reference to the underlying configuration files or a note on how to
> change the borders default attributes to stay permanent would be nice.
> Thank you
> Joe
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