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Request to register to submit a ticket

Hi, I would like to submit a ticket about the following issue:

I have tried to register for a BugZilla by but without success.
Please explain me how to submit the issue.

Vladimir Kurdukov,
Software Developer, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Вы писали 3 марта 2021 г., 9:32:46:

> Thank you for contacting The Apache Software Foundation OpenOffice Bugzilla
> Administrators.

> - If your concern is a bug in the OpenOffice software, please re-send your
>   question to the public [hidden email] mailing list, or look
>   for an answer on the user forums at

> - For confidential matters ONLY, you may follow-up to the privately-archived
>   [hidden email] mailing list.  Normal bug reports are not
>   confidential and should be directed to [hidden email].

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