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Miriam Robarts

I was just writing a book review & thinking of my pet peeve regarding
repetition of words, when I realized that this could be a useful tool in
word processing programs.

I know you can use the find feature to look for similar words to the search
term, but it would be great to have a tool that could identify duplicate
words (and their related forms) without entering a search term (while
excluding articles and pronouns, etc., of course--as well as a field to
enter other words to be excluded from the search, e.g. names). This would
be much more useful for finding similar words, since people usually aren't
aware of when they repeat them.

It would be good to have a tool like this, so if I used the same adjective
more than once, or if I used two forms of the same word (e.g. amazing, and
amazingly), I could consider changing one to a synonym.

It'd probably be most useful for the result to be a list of words that you
could click on to highlight and find in the document, so you could deal
with one set at a time if there were duplicates of several words. It would
also be nice if you could choose to ignore words that come up in the result
and remove them from the list.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Re: Search for duplicates

On 04/10/2018 05:32 AM, Miriam Robarts wrote:

> It would be good to have a tool like this, so if I used the same adjective

_Linguist_ can provide a frequency list of every word used in the
document. It won't list synonyms next to each other. Linguist is no
longer maintained, so it might not work with AOo 4.x.  :(

I thought that _Language Tool_ had an optional style checker, but in
looking through the options in September 2017 version, it doesn't look
like it.  :(   Maybe it was for another language.

In theory, _Context Aware Synonym Suggester_ (CASS),  will walk through
a text, suggesting appropriate synonyms, catching "amazingly" and
"amazing" as quasi-duplicates. I've tried it once it or twice, but don't
remember the results.

Those extensions are either in the Apache Open Office extension
repository, or LibreOffice extension repository.
Both Language Tool and CASS are developed on GitHub.


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