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Spell Checker Support For Worlds Languages

Kevin Atkinson

I hope this isn't too off topic for this list.

I am trying to record, in a systematic way, how well the four common
Free spell checkers support the worlds languages.  Thus I would like
people who are involved in dictionary maintenance in some way to answer
this brief survey for me.  Please answer inline by replying to this
message and sending to [hidden email].  If you wish to answer for more
than one language please send the answers in separate emails.

By answering this survey you agree to allow me to post your reply
publicly.  If this will cause a problem please clearly state so before
answering any questions.

I will post the results in a few weeks.

Thanks in advance.

Please forward this message to others as appropriate.

1: Language In Question (iso code and name in English):

2: Please briefly describe yourself and why you think you are qualified
: to answer these questions.  Valid answers include (but not limited to):
:  Maintain a dictionary.
:  In charge of KDE/Gnome/Etc localization team.
:  Native language speaker for the language who is well tuned to
:    the status of spell checker for my language.

: For each:
:  Ispell
:  Myspell
:  Hunspell
:  Aspell

3: Which, if any, of the above spellcheckers adequately support the
: language? If Hunspell or Aspell doesn't support the language
: adequately please briefly explain why.

4: What is the preferred spell checker for the language, if any, and
: why?  This doesn't necessary have to be one of the above four, but
: it must be a Free (as in freedom) and run on Linux.

5: Of the four spellcheckers listed above, are dictionaries available?
: If so are they considered adequate, kept up to date, etc.  Please
: provide URLs.  If multiple versions are available for a given
: spellchecker please describe the differences between them.

6: Any additional comments you think are relevant:

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