Suggestion: Correction of Spreadsheet Menu;<Insert>Name>Define

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Suggestion: Correction of Spreadsheet Menu;<Insert>Name>Define

Currentproblem: When I put the <=> sign in a spreadsheet cell and thengo to the 'Location Cell' which is situated just

abovethe column headings on the left side of the screen and click on thelocation cell, there appears a partial list of

functionsbeginning with the function for sum().  This list prevents thelisting of created names for locations on the

spreadsheetwhich I made to access so as to travel to and use for calculationpurposes.  The functions so listed in this area

area partial duplication of the complete list of functions obtained bythe <menu>insert<function><list>.Currently, I haveto

knowthe geographical location of all forms I copied onto the spreadsheetpage in order to move the cursor to the location

(by notusing an equal sign and then after entering the location cell I canlocate the defined name, copy it and return to my original cell

andcopy the name which then gives me the amount I am interested in).Alternatively, if I remember the defined name I can enter it

inthe cell I want to enter a calculation and then complete thecalculation. (I've devloped on a spreadsheet copies of  IRS

formsI use with the appropriate formulae required to calculate my incometax each year).  I want to use the = sign so when

Ienter = where I am working and then place my cursor on the locationcell thus have my list of defined names made available, I can then

selectthe desired name and press ,enter>. This will copy the originalcell entry (usually, a number) into the desired cell

whereI can work on it if desired. This procedure would save meconsiderable time in updating figures and checking them.

PossibleSolution: Eliminate the partial list of functions from the LocationCell when an = sign is created in any spreadsheet cell.

I hope my suggestion is sufficiently clear. If not please let me know