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Paul Mirowsky-2

I am using 2.0.2 and realized that there in not an easy way to copy a
single tab from one page style type to another.

The example is that I wanted to copy the border information for the
header and page defined as "Table of Content" page style to another page
style, "default".

When updating my default style, I would go from the tab from "Table of
Content" page, write it down and then bring up the "default" page and
type in the information.

Could a copy button could be added to each displayed tab "Organizer" ,
"Page", "Background", "Header", etc. which then supplies a list to the
defined "pages". This list could be obtained from already
written/defined "Styles and Formatting" window. "Cancel" button should
be shown.

If you really wanted to go all the way, a GUI could present  visuals of
all defined regions of that tab.  This means that the "Header" tab copy
button would display a graphical selection of all Headers and clicking
on one would copy it to the current "page" style definition. Page style
name and "Cancel" button should be also shown.

It's sort of a template within a document idea using the already defined
pages as templates.

I realize this is getting away from the look-and-feel but does appear to
be visually and accessibly  easy for the user.

Coping from "Organizer" tab should copy entire "Page" definition.

Thank you in advance for all your efforts.


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