Tagalog spell checking (was Re: [lingu-dev] dictionaries distributed as extension with OOo 3.0 (Beta))

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Tagalog spell checking (was Re: [lingu-dev] dictionaries distributed as extension with OOo 3.0 (Beta))

Hi Girard;

> I lost track of the issue numbers, but there are some languages that
> have available spell check dictionaries but have trouble installing into
> openoffice because entries are not included. one such is tagalog
> (tl_PH). what i do to have this installed is edit dictionary.lst and
> assign tl_PH.dic to english (UK). this way, when i want to use the
> tagalog spell checker in a document, i select english (UK) in the new
> status bar. This is because there isn't an entry for Tagalog in the drop
> down list.
> the attachment tagalog entry.JPG is a shot of 3.0. however, when i
> checked my 2.4 installation, i saw an entry from right clicking on the
> status bar. see "tagalog entry present - x.jpg attachments. i'll try to
> look for the issue numbers also.

I just got curious about this Tagalog issue.
Thus I grabbed s DEV300m10 office and downloaded the dictionary.
For me it just works fine... And I was using the correct language
attribute as well.

However since DicOOo 1.8 seems not to work with DEV300m10 I copied the
dictionary files manually to the respective installation dictionary
(office-DEV300m10_non-pro\OpenOffice.org\Basis 3.0\share\dict\ooo) and
added the respective lines to the dictionary.lst:

DICT tl PH tl_PH
THES tl PH th_pl_PL_v2

No problem found. Everything is working as it should...
Even language guessing is doing fine. :-)

Can you give it a try as well?

If you have a version with a functional Dictionary Wizard there should
be no problems at all...


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