Test installation for new language status bar control available

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Test installation for new language status bar control available


Hi all,

For OpenOffice.org 2.4 the CWS langstatusbar wants to improve the
handling of languages in Writer documents. Currently OpenOffice.org
doesn't provide an easy way to change the language of a word, paragraph
or text selection. The user has to use the menu and a multi-tab dialog
to choose the appropriate language. A new status bar control should
provide this function and enhance usability for people who have to work
with multiple language documents. To get feedback as soon as possible
from the community we decided to provide a test version of the new
feature. Please keep in mind that this version is not yet feature
complete but supports the most important part (the status bar control),
and it is currently implemented for text documents only. Especially have
a look at the implementation when using multiple script types. You
should also be aware that the OpenOffice.org version is a snapshot from
a developers build. Therefore don't use this version for your daily work
but only as a test version for the status bar control.

You can find a OpenOffice.org version (based on SRC680m217) for Windows
and Linux here:

A blog and the specification can be found here:

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(see http://ux.openoffice.org/servlets/ProjectMailingListList)
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