The GravityZoo OOo porting project

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The GravityZoo OOo porting project

Marcel v. Birgelen
Dear OOo Developers,

In the past 3 years we have been working on the GravityZoo Framework, a
networked computing platform. Applications written or adapted for this
platform run "in the network", rather than just on a server or client.
The framework can be used among others to transform existing
applications into "net enabled" applications which can be hosted in the
framework and become accessible from practically any device via an IP
At this moment we are preparing a GravityZoo porting
project. Our goal is to bring to the GravityZoo
Framework. In essence we want to bring OOo to the Internet for the
delivery as a service to the community. Especially in developing
countries, where often only inadequate hardware and connectivity is
available, this represents an enormous opportunity for the common good.

When is "GravityZood", it will become a suite of
productivity applications that are always available, online, via a broad
range of devices. It will be possible to share and collaborate in
real-time, to switch from one device (e.g. a PC) to another (Mobile)
device. There will also be no need to save data, because everything you
produce is saved automatically on the network. There is no need to
download, install or update, the latest version is just available and
accessible from any GravityZoo enabled client.

Porting of existing applications is straight forward in most cases,
because the essential business logic can be maintained and the main
adaptations take place in the graphical user interfaces.

From our experience we know that understanding the GravityZoo Framework
requires more than just a few words. So if you are interested to learn
more please visit our website at
(documentation is available under support).

Please don't hesitate to share your questions or any further thoughts
with us. At this moment we are working feverously on the next public
GravityZoo Beta release which is planned for the next month. Hereafter
we will announce more about the project and will activate the necessary
infrastructure (Porting page, mailing list etc). We aim at presenting
the GravityZoo OOo porting project on the OOoCon 2007 in Barcelona.

We are looking forward to see your involvement in the early process of
this unique and exciting project. We firmly believe that this is a
collaborative project that should be build by and for the community.

Sorry for the cross post. If you want to respond, please do so on
[hidden email].

Sincerely yours,

Marcel v. Birgelen and Mahdi Abdulrazak
The GravityZoo Company

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