Thoughts on a Certificate User Interface

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Thoughts on a Certificate User Interface

Kai Sommerfeld
Hi all,

 part of the HTTPS support project for OOo is the implementation of a
user interface for management of Certificates.

 I think, we already have what we need :-) OOo already supports digital
signatures for documents and comes with a complete certificate
management UI (File->Digital Signatures...)! IMO, it is a good idea to
simply reuse this existing user interface for HTTPS. If there is
something missing, we should extend the existing UI implementation.

 What do you guys think about this?

 FYI: For digital signatures, on Linux/U**x we're using the certificate
manager of an existing Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird installation. On
Windows, we're using Windows Keystore. IIRC, we only use the core APIs
and implemented our own platform-independent UI.

- Kai.

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