Typing Cyrillic in exported PDF form fails

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Typing Cyrillic in exported PDF form fails

Goran Rakic
I received a complaint from one of our community members that it is not
possible to type Cyrillic in the PDF form exported from OpenOffice.org.

PDF readers like Evince ignores everything that is not ASCII, and others
like FoxIt or Adobe Acrobat Reader display garbage for Cyrillic entry
while allows Serbian Latin (č ć š...).

This is a major bug as PDF forms can not be saved or printed correctly.

Typing Cyrillic inside OpenOffice.org works as expected so it looks like
the bug is in the PDF export code not setting some encoding property.

What component should I fill a bug against and is this issue already
reported in the past?

I reproduced it using both 3.2.0 and 3.0 stable releases, with Serbian
Cyrillic localization. Are other locales affected as well?

Best regards,
Goran Rakic
Serbian OpenOffice.org
Native-Lang project lead

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