Unable to write access table with OO Base 3.3

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Unable to write access table with OO Base 3.3

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I have a database that I have been using with Access 2000. It has 11000 records with 120 fields in each record. I have linked to Open Office 3.3 Base and have created a form so that I can input data into my database with on a lap top over my wireless network The laptop is using windows 7 as an operating system.

When I open the form up It opens in read only mode. I have looked at the original machine and it seems to not have any locks on the database.

Every place I have looked on my laptop

I have made a copy of the access database on the laptop so that  I can use it to develop the forms and querys and the form opens there in read only mode as well.

I am sure that if you are a programmer you can tell that I am not.