Volunteers for QA on Linux PowerPC ?

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Volunteers for QA on Linux PowerPC ?

eric b-3

Since some times, the demand for Linux PowerPC version is growing. At
least for french version, and I found people willing to help for the QA
(fr version).

FYI, I have uploaded personnal builds, not QA'ed of m231 (vanilla).
Means unofficial builds, only potential rc, nothing more.

The URL is : http://ftp.cusoo.org/LINUXPPC/m231/  and I propose fr and
en-US (other locales on demand) in both .rpm and .deb formats (the
archives do contain everything)

Please note:   .rpm are _untested_  , and I do use IBM jdk1.4.2 for the
build ( 1.5.0 is untested )

My question is: are there people interested to contribute for Linux
PowerPC QA ? If they are enough, maybe we could work together to propose
2.4 version and maybe 3.0 ?

Thanks in advance for any help / feedback :-)

Eric Bachard

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