We could use additional verification on the fixed issues

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We could use additional verification on the fixed issues

Kay Schenk-2
Hello QA --

If you have a Bugzilla account (see https://bz.apache.org/ooo/ on how to
get one if you don't) and can run the following search on fixed bugs that
also have associated commits to our source trunk --


we could use some additional help on verifying these fixes. Some have
already been ported to what will be distributed in 4.1.2.

These fixes are incorporated into our buildbot builds (the nightly ones
that reference 4.2.0, NOT the snapshot builds for the 4.1.1 branch):


and you would need to install this version to test and CONFIRM the fixes.

Also please note that the Windows nightly has had problems since sometime
in early Aug, so all fixes may not be reflected in these packs. We are
working to fix this.

Thank you.


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