What is the state of bibliographic support (For LinuxIdentity)

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What is the state of bibliographic support (For LinuxIdentity)

Andrew Pitonyak
I am not subscribed to the mailing list. I did not even know it existed
until recently.

Linux Identity is currently planning an entire dedicated to OOo 3.0. I
am compiling a list of changes and enhancements that should be covered.
I was only vaguely aware that the bibliographic project existed, so I do
not fully understand the state of the project or how much coverage the
project deserves.

Is it correct that Phase 1 was already finished, and phase 2 will be
released with OOo 3.0? If so, then an entire article demonstrating how
to use the new features makes sense. Can anyone provide any comments on
this? If the project is sufficiently ready, are any readers on the list
inclined to write an article? If so, I will put you in touch with the
appropriate person (the magazine pays their authors). I do not decide
who writes the articles, just so you know.

Andrew Pitonyak
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