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Who's who in the Doc project?

Hey everyone.. I've started a "Who is Who" page on the Doc Wiki.

Filling in your info is *not* mandatory by any means, but... if you're up to it,
please head over to the page and let us know who you are, what part of the
planet you're in, and what you see your role as in the Doc Project.

This info will really help us do some doc planning, amongst other things.  If we
have an idea of time zones for example, we might be able to organize a Skype
conference call just for the team to say hello to each other.

I'm hoping this will be a step in adding a more personal face to the team so we
can get to know each other a bit better...  it's easier to work with people when
you think of them as a real person rather than just an email address.

Clayton Cornell       [hidden email]
OpenOffice.org Documentation Project co-lead

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