Wiki Cleanup: Mission Accomplished (Mostly)

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Wiki Cleanup: Mission Accomplished (Mostly)

Björn Michaelsen-2
Hi List,

the Wiki Cleanup has been almost completed. There are just seven pages
left in:

If you can remove those, please do so. Also note the new Guidelines at:

All previous guidelines now refer to that page. Please stick to them
when creating new content or when updating old. Pages that ignoring the
guidelines will be dealt with more vicously from now on (read: they
might just be deleted).

Some of the categories are still overflowing with pages. Please note
that the administration guidelines[1] say: "Dont assign a page to
multiple categories if one is an subcategories of another. Just use the
most specific category. This eases reordering and reorganisation of

I already sorted out the Development (which had more than 200 members)
and Writer categories, by creating subcategories and moving the content
into them. A category with more than 100 members rarely helps anybody.

Other categories still need help. The Tools project is asked
to take responsibility for the pages in category "Tools" and
its subcategories.
Please take a close look at the pages in the following categories:
        ‎(112 members)

Please create subcategories and move the pages into the more specific

Best Regards and thanks to all who helped out,



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