Will OOo version 3 preserve backwards file compatibility with OOo 2 ?

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Will OOo version 3 preserve backwards file compatibility with OOo 2 ?

David Wilson-7
Can anyone advise us as whether OOo version 3 will preserve backwards  file
compatibility with OOo 2 ? Has this matter been decided yet, or does the
major release number mean that compatibility does not need to be conserved ?

In designing the bibliographic enhancements the Bibliographic Project is
discussing the issue of backwards file compatibility.  The Bibliographic
Project is hoping to see major enhancements to Citation and Bibliography
support in OOo version 3 (if not before).

The OpenDocument file format version 1.2, due sometime in 2007, will included
improved citation and metadata support and we are working out how Writer can
best utilise these enhancements, as well as implementing our improved
citation and bibliography formatting process, called CiteProc.

If we need to maintain backwards file compatibility between OOo versions 2 and
3 then we would need to maintain the old and the new citation and
bibliography definition in the save file. If we are not maintaining backwards
file compatibility then the design is much simpler in Writer as the import /
export filters will handle the conversions.

For more details see -


David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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