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Writer collaboration stuff @ Google summer of code 2010

I have mostly have Web development skills(MVC,ORM,some basic web
service dev. skills[PHP,Java]). And, as a result, I rather have skills
in development Web tools. As for development of desktop applications -
I am armed with Java skills. For standalone window based tools I
simply use C++(especially when multi-threading needed). So I am
focusing on integrating desktop applications with databases, message
brokers, web services(mostly WSDL ones, I have no SOAP related skills
+ WSDL dev. tools in IDEs is more known to me). And, where it is
reasonable, use web interfaces for third-party things, where

I am searching for a feedback of developers which developed most of the
Writer architecture + fixing architecture related bugs because of such stuff
would be extended via SDK (read: Writer SDK).

I am interested in development of collaboration tools for CAD
developers (mostly PCB design, partly developing housing, cooling
systems for electronics related devices). And, what where OpenOffice
fit here, forming/generating/processing technical documentation,
targeted to engineering activity/activities. With respect to needs of
teams(team driven development of electronics) - reviewing document, or
even a group of technical documents on-line by few engineers, for
example. Also would be highly needed integration of automated
specification/technical task/requirements analyzing tools within
Writer(SAT tools with Writer?). Customization/administration would be
done threw web based tools, in particular - web based project
management tool, NOT window based project management tool, that's for

As against storing data, data replication - it is clear that it will
be message broker integration, somewhere - WSDL integration with
Writer. Any kind of external (not for local purposes) database will
not be accessed from Writer

About benefits for OpenOffice users - they could get tools for working
with technical tools, especially for forming specifications/technical
tasks (project managers, team leads); technical analyzes tools are not
provided in Microsoft Office - so Open Office can increase popularity.
Writer architecture would be good adapted for non-database driven data

I heard some recommendations: some of those ideas can be implemented as
Writer extensions. Some of them - almost fully. Some of them - only partly,
via some interceptors. A brief list of my ideas:

Smart zoom (additional controls would be shown rather font resize)
Gnash movie support for OpenOffice
Multimedia add-ons support for Adobe Reader targeted export
MathML formula editor with Ribbon interface + exporting a MS Word doc
with Word compatible formula editor format [MathML to OLE binary
Document review services threw OpenOffice tools & email/NFS/Samba share(s)
OpenOffice collaboration support with replication against project
management tool (Redmine with openoffice web preview plug-in?)
Provide a translation command in Writer menu:
Using Lingvo web site
Using off-line dictionary (not multilingual!)
Note: translation results should appear in (a set of) dialog based
window(s) - to ensure that nested occurrences are separated
In-place translation of word in Impress without exiting presentation mode:
Word itself is targeted threw mouse cursor (or any external pointing
device - perhaps slides are showed in wide screen) ( + hot-key?)
Hands-free facility: voice recognition initiation
Organize Writer preferences for mode center customization, e.g.
educational/reading mode, document forming/preparation mode, etc.
IEEE standard driven document populating facility - smart editing
tools for forming technical documents "under rules' pressure"
"Getting stated" point is the same panel as File->Templates and documents
Document formation rules could be activated threw IEEE on-line
services at back-end
When document generated from template - activate facilities for
interactive add-ins in case of PDF exporting:
Unnecessary performance could be lost in case if user will not decide
to export to PDF
Provide collaboration facilities with use of contacts of co-workers
and reading/conversation rights threw LDAP (OpenDS?)
Provide technical task forming tools to Writer

Tell what is not understood in the list - I will provide details...