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Czesław Wolański


Following gracious advice of Mr. Matthias Seidel I want to ask for
clarification of tilde.

I am newbie to Pootle. While working on Polish translation I have
encountered may entries
where "~" is or could be a problem.

Just consider 3 cases:

*Case No. 1 - NO problem*
entry flagged due to lack of accelerator i.e. "~"
Pootle shows that French & English versions have tilde, Polish has not.
If in Polish version acceleration key is visible on screen, I check French,
English, German and Russion versions.
If assignment of tilde in those cases is correct, I assume that in Polish
version what I see on screen must be reflected
in source string. I submit revised version.

*Case No. 2 - BIG problem*entry flagged due to lack of accelerator i.e. "~"
In Pootle there is no tilde in Polish entry and no accelerator key on
I do not suppose that I am the one to enter tilde at my will.

I rather doubt that accelerators are added automatically. Having some
programming experience (Star Basic, Java, Python, C++)
I guess that first a program makes preliminary assignments and shows
results on screen. Then programmer/designer evaluates
layout and makes final decision.

*Case No. 3 - SMALL problem *entry having no problem at all, or something
else - not tilde - raises Pootle's concern
In a few cases not related to lack of tilde I noticed accelerator key
displayed in fields that definitely do
not need accelator key at all.  Those fields are purely descriptive.
Therefore I'm inclined to remove tilde in entry.

So now you see my problem. Should I - in cases no. 2 & no. 3 reflect
situation in "Comment" field and do nothing to entries?
Notice that Case No. 3 seems obvious but Case No. 2 demands careful

Awaiting eagerly your advice,

Czesław Wolański