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[allfeatures] changed/CWS pdfprint : Print file format changes on Linux systems


       Product: Graphic System Layer
          Type: changed
         Title: Print file format changes on Linux systems
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: vcl
         TaskId: i94173
Effective from: CWS pdfprint
    CWS status: new

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The CUPS print system that is used on Linux and other Unix operating
systems is switching its file format from PostScript to PDF. As part
of this OpenOffice.org should switch its print output file format to
PDF, too. This was implemented in OOo for issue 94173.

Ideally this change should be transparent for the user, that is you
print your documents just as you did before. The only visible change
is that "Print to file" would now produce PDF instead of PostScript;
also you can switch the behavior back to the old one in either the
(not well known) spadmin utility or per print job: in the Print dialog
open "Properties..." , go to the "Device" TabPage and change the
"Printer Language type" to either PDF or the desired PostScript Level.

This is a small UI change, the corresponding Listbox was previously
called "PostScript Level" and allowed to restrict the the PostScript
level used whereas it now also allows to set the used print file
format to PDF.

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