[allfeatures] changed/CWS uimigration01 : Extended UI configuration migration

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[allfeatures] changed/CWS uimigration01 : Extended UI configuration migration

Carsten Driesner

       Product: Application Framework
          Type: changed
         Title: Extended UI configuration migration
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: desktop
         TaskId: i101513
Effective from: CWS uimigration01
    CWS status: integrated

Configuration [ ]
File format change [ ]
Help/ Guide [x]
Performance test [ ]
Translation [ ]
UI relevant [ ]

The current migration process for OOo user interface (e.g. toolbars,
menu bar) changes is very limited. User changes are only migrated if
there are no changes in a new version for that special ui element.
This enhancement tries to merge changes from users to a new version.
The merging process works only non-destructive which means that it
only adds entries. This assures that users don't have to make
interactive choices on conflicts.

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