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[allfeatures] changed/DEV300m84 : Autotest cleanup and refactoring


       Product: QA
          Type: changed
         Title: Autotest cleanup and refactoring
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: ...,TestAutomation
         TaskId: i109562
Effective from: DEV300m84 CWS SRX645/rcmerge

Configuration [ ]
File format change [ ]
Help/ Guide [ ]
Performance test [ ]
Translation [ ]
UI relevant [ ]

Massive cleanup work has been done in the TestAutomation module with
focus on removing outdated, duplicated or dysfunctional code. During
the cleanup afew autotests have been removed, namely
- f_basic_dialogs.bas
- f_first.bas
- f_help_browser.bas
The included test cases have been moved to other test files within
their category so no functionality is lost. This step was done because
the initialization time of the tests became longer than the test
runtime which is inefficient.
One new test has been introduced
- f_programmability_dialogs.bas
which is available with DEV300m84

The new number of active Cat0 tests is now down from 25 to 23.

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