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[allfeatures] new/CWS tlmath01 : Automatic baseline fpr Math objects


       Product: Formula editor
          Type: new
         Title: Automatic baseline fpr Math objects
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         TaskId: i972
Effective from: CWS tlmath01
    CWS status: ready for QA

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With CWS tlmath01 there is a new check-box named 'Math baseline
alignment' available in the 'Formatting Aids' tab of thw Writer and
WriterWeb option pages.

When this option gets checked then *ALL* Math OLE objects already
existing in the Writer document that are anchored 'as character' (and
only those with this anchor type!) will be automatically aligned to
match the baseline of the formula with the one of the surrounding
text. Also new Math objects inserted later on will be automatically
aligned as well.

As long as this option is active manually movement of Math objects
that are anchored 'as character' is not possible, and thus vertical
alignment in the 'Object' context dialog is now disabled as well.

For new documents this option is set by default. When loading old
documents it is not set. In any case, once a document gets saved again
the current value of this option will be saved along with the document.

This automatic baseline alignment was implemented by Michal Spisiak as
part of this years Google Summer of Code, the mentor for this was Eric
Bachard. Thanks to both of them!

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