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[allfeatures] new/frmdlg : Function Autopilot from inside the SRB

Ocke Janssen

       Product: Database Access
          Type: new
         Title: Function Autopilot from inside the SRB
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: [hidden email],reportdesign
         TaskId: i94535
Effective from: frmdlg
    CWS status: ready for QA

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The Function Autopilot which is used in the spreadsheet can now be
used inside the Sun Report Builder.

The Autopilot can be started from:
- the data field ( formatted field and image control)
- the conditional print expression

- the formula
- the initial value

The Autopilot shows all functions which are supported by the report

The documentation for the SRB can be found here

The function description can be found here

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