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[api-dev] info/CWS undoapi : new UNDO API


          Type: info
         Title: new UNDO API
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: api
         TaskId: i33781
Effective from: CWS undoapi
    CWS status: new

+ css.document.XUndoManagerSupplier
+ css.document.XUndoManager
+ css.document.XUndoManagerListener
+ css.document.UndoManagerEvent
+ css.document.UndoFailedException
+ css.document.UndoContextNotClosedException
+ css.document.EmptyUndoStackException

CWS introduces some new API in the css.document module, which allows
access to a document's Undo/Redo stack. It allows adding own undo
actions to the stack and undo/redo of existing actions.

Also, it supports so-called Undo contexts, which encapsulate multiple
Undo actions, which then appear as a single Undo-able entry only. This
is especially interesting for code which does multiple programmatic
changes to a document. Enclosing those changes in an Undo context
means they all can be undone by the user with a single click only.

For details of the API, look at the autodoc-generated IDL reference,
once the CWS is integrated into MWS.

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