are there benefits to developing a software from scratch, EVERY TIME?

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are there benefits to developing a software from scratch, EVERY TIME?

I was thinking about how companies often produce a product, and then
expand on it, continually creating new tools that integrate into
what's already there, but as I see it, that's sort of like writing
your own limited programming language and then forcing yourself to use
that to expand your functionality in a way... Yes. You can add new
tools, but you're always dependant on downgrading everything
ultimately to the way it used to be.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking about this partly for myself, but also for
the possible benefit of OOo. I think we'd have alot to gain from
moving to a component based model. I'm not putting this on the discuss
list because it isn't focused enough, and it's not going on the dev
list, because it's only theory.

Are there financial or at least mobility(advancement) advantages to
collecting the design concepts and ideas and dumping all the code and
starting over every time? If you think about the amount of time it
takes to go back and edit parts of code, and how often that means
following an endless line of bugs it creates, to do the edit, does it
not make sense to in-fact go back through the code one piece at a
type, plopping each block back in that you still want, and then
completely re-writing the code everywhere that things need to change?
I've personally found this to be the best way for me to work.

I componentize and modularize my apps right from the start, at the
moment of conception, and then I swap out whole parts like in a car.
Instead of trying to drill holes in car parts, and add new bolts. I
just design a new part from the car...