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bibliographic fields in OO .doc import disspappear

Hi all bibliography users,

I don't know how many of you are using Bibus (or still EndNote :-)
and know of issue 61075.

The problem is that when importing .doc documents into OO, the
bibliographic fields added by bibliography programmes dissappear.
This is an regression as there was no problem in OO This bug
has been known since january 2006 and seemingly OO programmers are
not interested in commenting on this, not speaking of fixing :-)
However this bug means that you are not able to get a .doc file
produced by Word and Bibus (not the finalised version of the file,
but the one with the grey fields) and open it in OpenOffice writer :
all bibliography fields will have disappeared.  
What bothers me especially is that an effort has been made to make
Bibus, a free programm, work properly with OpenOffice and there seems
to be no effort from OO to correct this bug, which is, I want to
stress, a regression and hanidcaps severely the use of Bibus with OO
I, for my part, will actually have to go back using Word with Bibus,
otherwise I will not be able to work on files with bibliographic

To show OO how important this is I would like to invite all
interested people to write a comment for issue 61075 (you need to be
logged in the OO web pages) and to vote for this bug.


Oliver Brendel UMR Ecologie et Ecophysiologie Forestiere
INRA - Centre de Nancy         54280 Champenoux    France
[hidden email]   TEL 0033/383/394100  FAX /394022

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