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Glenn Little
Who can I send bug reports to for Open Office Calc?
I have a spreadsheet with, currently, 30 tabs.
Some tabs have over 6000 cells, others have very few.
The spread sheet currently is just under 10Mb in file size.
The data is derived for a scan of poor quality.
I have one tab where I have place "problem" cells.
I can forward this to someone for analysis.
One issue is a cell with many characters in it disappearing when the
cell tab magnification is at the center, and being visible only when the
tab is below a certain magnification.
The other issue is a cell that I try and delete a character from.
When I place the cursor at the end of the cell, a character inside the
cell is deleted.
To recover from this, I have to do an "undelete", place the cursor at
the end of the cell, then do a deletion.
This now functions properly.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thank you for a very good product.

Glenn Little
Retired SA
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