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       Product: Common User Interface
          Type: changed
         Title: default paper sizes
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: all
         TaskId: i92819
Effective from: DEV300_m51

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Since m51 the default paper is taken from the locale settings, i.e.

In the absence of any style or application override a mechanism for
picking a default paper size is required. The printer cannot be
consulted for determining a default paper size either because there
may be no printer, or because a networked printer can cause a
prohibitive delay in querying that information.

The algorithm for picking a paper size is:
1. If tools->options->languages->Locale is set as “Default”
1.1 Under Unix query paperconf if available for the system's default paper
1.2.Under Unix if paperconf is unavailable, but glibc is available
then request the default paper size for the current locale from glibc
according to glibc
2. For all platforms, if at this stage we do not yet have a solution
for default paper then get the current value of the
“Locale” key and map that locale to paper size via the mapping table of

US (United States) -> Letter
CA (Canada) -> Letter
PR (Puerto Rico, United States Territory) -> Letter
PH (Philippines) -> Letter
VE (Venezuela) -> Letter
CL (Chile) -> Letter
Mexico (MX) -> Letter
Colombia (CO) -> Letter
All Others -> A4

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