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For the archive: Found the solution. We need the Hungarian dictionaries from

Example for working:
en@anonymous:~/program/humorph$ ls
analyze  hu_HU.aff  morphdb_hu.aff     morphdb_hu.dic
chmorph  hu_HU.dic  morphdb_hu.aff.u8  morphdb_hu.dic.u8
en@anonymous:~/program/humorph$ echo program | ./chmorph hu_HU.aff hu_HU.dic /dev/stdin NOM ACC

en@anonymous:~/program/humorph$ echo programot | ./analyze hu_HU.aff hu_HU.dic /dev/stdin
> programot
analyze(programot) =  st:program po:noun ts:NOM is:ACC
stem(programot) = program


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