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[dba-issues] [Issue 56870] case sensitive dBase conection (*.dbf files)

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------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Tue Nov  8 13:01:55 -0800 2005 -------
steelman->clu: Let me describe it step by step.

1. OpenOffice 2.0
2. A directory containging TAB1.DBF, TAB2.DBF and RAPORT.dbf files.

1. Start sbase
2. Connect to an existing database: dBASE.
3. Path to the dBASE files: /home/steelman/Dokumenty/Raport. The directory.
4. No, do not register the database. Open database for editing.
5. Save as: /home/steelman/Dokumenty/Raport/rap1.odb


Only RAPORT table is visible in the table list. Neither TAB1 nor TAB2 are.

I would like to stress that I use Linux which has case-sensitive filesystems.

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