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Takashi Ono
Hi All,

In current OOo source tree, detailed compiler version check is being done in
solenv/inc/ and set to CCNUMVER. Compler version is also checked at
configure time but the detailed version number does not seem to be passed to the
build environment.

I am implementing mingw port and considering to support different experimental
versions of mingw compilers. However, different versions of gcc compilers emit
warnings in different manners and I have to change default compiler switches between
versions. Unless, we have to face so many useless warnings or suppress many useful
warnings. So I have to check the compiler version in solenv/inc/ but
platform specific makefiles are included before solenv/inc/!

I wonder why can't we pass the compiler version from the configure script and would
like to have any suggestions.

Best Regards,

 Takashi Ono(HK Freak)
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