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[framework-features] changed/cws mav43 : File locking implementation changes.

Mikhail Voitenko

       Product: Application Framework
          Type: changed
         Title: File locking implementation changes.
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: [hidden email],all
         TaskId: i95809
Effective from: cws mav43
    CWS status: new

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The practice has shown that in most cases it is necessary to use
system file locking to prevent information loss if third-party
applications or an old OOo versions are used in the same network.

From other side the system file locking behaves itself inconsistently
sometimes in case of heterogeneous networks. That makes using of
system file locking problematic in this case.

With the new implementation OOo will use system file locking in
addition to the own file locking by default. The new configuration
allows to turn the usage of system file locking off. In this case pure
OOo file locking is used.

Additionally the UI around system file locking was improved. Please
see the specification for details.

*Specification URL*

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