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[framework-features] new/CWS findbar01 : Common find toolbar

Carsten Driesner

       Product: Application Framework
          Type: new
         Title: Common find toolbar
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         TaskId: i107176
Effective from: CWS findbar01
    CWS status: approved by QA

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The 'Find' toolbar should be an addition to the 'Find & Replace'
dialog, which provides a fast and easy text search without covering
the search text.

From the 'usage tracking' data of the 'find & replace' dialog we have
learned that 76% of OpenOffice.org user base just want to search
inside the text, so we have to propose a fast & easy way to do so.
Also it was often mentioned that the search & replace dialog covers
the search area in an annoying way, so we had to find another solution
for it. The other search settings like 'match case' etc. are used less
than 0.1%, so we decided to leave them out in this toolbar, but like
the replacing function they will still stay available in the find &
replace dialog.

A detailed specification can be found here:

*Specification URL*

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