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Ingrid Halama

       Product: Chart
          Type: changed
         Title: Contex Menu
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: [hidden email],
         TaskId: i58163,i102820,i69422,i86146
Effective from: chartuseability01
    CWS status: new

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The whole context menu within charts and parts of the menu have been
reworked within CWS chartuseability01.

The details can be found in the specifications:

Some examples:

The common entry "Object Properties" has been replaced by something more
descriptive. The offered command in the context menu now shows the
name of the selected object. So it says for example 'Format
Legend...', 'Format Title...' instead of only 'Object Properties...'.
The former entry in the main menu Format -> Object Properties... has
been renamed to 'Format Selection...'.

The commands 'Insert Titles...', 'Insert Legend' and
'Insert/Delete Axes...' have been added to the context menu in case
the chart area, the chart wall or floor or nothing is selected.

The data series properties dialog now also is offered in the
context menu while a single data point is selected. It is also
possible to add/format and delete trend lines, y error bars, data
labels or mean value lines directly from the context menu of a single

A new entry 'Insert R2' is offered in the context menu of an
equation in case R2 was not added so far. Otherwise 'Delete R2' is
In the context menu of a trend line a new entry 'Insert R² and Trend
Line Equation' is offered  in case no equation was added so far.

*Specification URL*

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