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Ingrid Halama-2

       Product: Chart
          Type: new
         Title: Date Axis
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         TaskId: i25706
Effective from: CWS chart46
    CWS status: new

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Date axis are implemented in CWS chart46.
If the ranges that are used for categories do contain values formatted
as dates, the x-axis automatically displays dates now by default.
This affects the following chart types:
Column, Bar, Area, Line, Stock and Column&Line.
In case of charts with own data there is a new button in the Data
Table dialog to switch between date and text axis.
The 'Scale' tab page for the category x-axis has gotten some new
controls. A list box 'Type' allows to choose whether the axis type
should be detected automatically based on the data or whether it
should be a text or a date axis. In case the type 'Date' is chosen
explicitly the user can make further settings:
A list box 'Resolution' allows to chose the smallest time interval to
be shown on the axis ( days, months or years). For the major and minor
interval the user also can choose typical time intervals like x days,
months or years.

Changes to published UNO API:
New properties AxisType and TimeIncrement are introduced to service
com::sun::star::chart::ChartAxis including accessory Types:
New interface com::sun::star::chart::XDateCategories is introduced to
set/get date categories for charts with own data.

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