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Effective from: CWS dba32b
    CWS status: new

+ <comphelper/componentbase.hxx>
+ ::comphelper::ComponentBase

::comphelper::ComponentBase is intended as base class for UNO
components, relieving them from some repeated tasks. In particular, it
manages your ::osl::Mutex and ::cppu::OBroadcastHelper which they're
likely to need, and offers helpers for checking the initialization
state (if desired) and the "disposed" state.
For instance, instantiating an ComponentMethodGuard at the beginning
of your UNO method will ensure that
- the method is not entered when the object is not yet initialized,
but is required
  to be
- the method is not entered when the object is already disposed, as
  by the BroadcastHelper
- the component's mutex is locked as long as the guard is alive (and not
  explicitly cleared)

For details, see

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