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         Title: new: css.awt.MouseWheelBehaviour
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         TaskId: i99704
Effective from: CWS dba32c
    CWS status: new

+ css.awt.MouseWheelBehavior
+ css.awt.MouseWheelBehavior.SCROLL_DISABLED
+ css.awt.MouseWheelBehavior.SCROLL_FOCUS_ONLY
+ css.awt.MouseWheelBehavior.SCROLL_ALWAYS

The new constant group MouseWheelBehavior in css.awt controls how a
awt widget should respons to mouse wheel operations: Ignore it
(SCROLL_DISABLED), use it for scrolling the widget's content if it
currently has the focus (SCROLL_FOCUS_ONLY), or use it for scrolling
even if the control doesn't have the focus (SCROLL_ALWAYS).

The usual suspects in css.awt (UnoControl*Model) which describe models
of scrollable controls have been updated to support this property.

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