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info/CWS dba34a : WindowBits removed from SvLBox and friends


          Type: info
         Title: WindowBits removed from SvLBox and friends
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
Effective from: CWS dba34a
    CWS status: ready for QA

- SvTreeListBox::GetWindowBits
- SvTreeListBox::SetWindowBits
- SvIconView::SetWindowBits

The "WindowBits" member of the SvLBox, used by the class itself and
derived classes, has been removed.

Formerly, those were used to carry WB_* styles, but seemingly it was
never well defined which styles belong into the WindowBits, and which
belong into Window::[S|G]etStyle (known as "WinBits" there). This was
a constant source of confusion, since from time to time, WindowBits
were defined for the tree list box which conflicted with styles for
normal VCL windows.

So, all WB_* definitions from <svtools/svtreebx.hxx> have been moved
to <tools/wintypes.hxx>, where all other WinBits reside, and have been
adjusted to not conflict with generic-purpose WinBits. (while
conflicts with other special-purpose WinBits are still allowed.)

All calls to [Set/Get]WindowBits have been changed to [Set/Get]Style.

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