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info/CWS macshortcuts01 : New KeyModifier.MOD3 introduced


          Type: info
         Title: New KeyModifier.MOD3 introduced
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected:  accessibility,  forms,  framework,  offapi,  sc,  sd,  sfx2,  svtools,  svx,  toolkit,  vcl, dbaccess
Effective from: CWS macshortcuts01
    CWS status: new

The current API lacks of Ctrl (Mac OS X) and Windows (other platforms) key support. I enhanced the API to support MOD3 modifier (Ctrl on Mac OS X, Windows a.k.a. Meta on other platforms).

Ctrl key on Mac OS X is introduced as KeyModifier.MOD3 and Windows (Meta) key is introduced as
KeyModifier.MOD3 (all platforms except Mac OS X).


published constants KeyModifier
        const short SHIFT = 1;
        const short MOD1 = 2;
        const short MOD2 = 4;
        const short MOD3 = 8;

+ vcl/source/window/keycod.cxx

Added support for MOD3. Constructor and other methods were modified.

+ vcl/source/window/mouseevent.cxx

Added support to use new modifier along with mouse buttons.

+ framework/source/xml/acceleratorconfigurationreader.cxx
+ framework/source/xml/acceleratorconfigurationwriter.cxx
+ framework/source/accelerators/acceleratorexecute.cxx
+ framework/source/accelerators/acceleratorconfiguration.cxx
+ framework/collector/cmduicollector.cxx
+ framework/inc/acceleratorconst.h
+ framework/inc/xml/acceleratorconst.hxx
+ framework/inc/xml/acceleratorconfigurationreader.hxx

Support to read/write/execute accelerators with MOD3 modifier.

+ sfx2/source/view/userinputinterception.cxx
+ vcl/source/window/keyevent.cxx
+ vcl/inc/vcl/event.hxx
+ sc/source/ui/view/gridwin.cxx
+ toolkit/source/awt/vclxmenu.cxx
+ toolkit/source/awt/vclxwindow.cxx
+ toolkit/source/awt/vclxtoolkit.cxx
+ accessibility/source/standard/vclxaccessiblebutton.cxx
+ accessibility/source/standard/vclxaccessiblemenuitem.cxx
+ accessibility/source/standard/vclxaccessiblecheckbox.cxx
+ accessibility/source/standard/vclxaccessibleradiobutton.cxx
+ svtools/source/misc/acceleratorexecute.cxx
+ accessibility/bridge/org/openoffice/java/accessibility/

Support for MOD3 modifier.

+ dbaccess/source/ui/browser/brwview.cxx
+ vcl/source/control/edit.cxx
+ vcl/source/window/dlgctrl.cxx
+ vcl/source/window/accel.cxx
+ vcl/inc/vcl/keycod.hxx
+ vcl/inc/vcl/accel.h
+ sd/source/ui/func/futext.cxx
+ svx/source/fmcomp/gridctrl.cxx
+ forms/source/richtext/richtextvclcontrol.cxx

Support for new KeyCode constructor.

You can find more info about this work and macshortcuts01 CWS at these URLs:

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