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          Type: info
         Title: new: RDF API: module css.rdf
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: offapi
         TaskId: i90620
Effective from: CWS odfmetadata2
    CWS status: new

+ module

there is a new API for handling RDF data:

/** RDF (Resource Description Framework) and metadata interfaces.

    This module provides interfaces for storing and accessing metadata
    in <a href="">Resource Description Framework</a>
    The API consists of two main parts: the RDF data model and the ODF
    document integration.

    The <a href="">RDF data model</a>
    describes graphs of statements.
    The nodes in the graph are of type <type scope="rdf">XNode</type>,
    which has several subtypes: <type scope="rdf">XResource</type>,
    <type scope="rdf">XBlankNode</type>,
    <type scope="rdf">XURI</type> and <type scope="rdf">XLiteral</type>.
    Statements are then triples of nodes, and have type
    <type scope="rdf">Statement</type>.

    The main part of the RDF data model is the
    <type scope="rdf">XRepository</type>, which consists of a set of
    The repository allows for importing/exporting graphs from/to files,
    as well as querying the contents of the repository.
    The type of the graphs is <type scope="rdf">XNamedGraph</type>.

    Documents that support metadata implement the interfaces
    <type scope="rdf">XRepositorySupplier</type> and
    <type scope="rdf">XDocumentMetadataAccess</type>.
    Furthermore, all elements of ODF documents that may have metadata
    implement the interface <type scope="rdf">XMetadatable</type>.

module rdf {};

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