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info/CWS undoapi : Sfx/Basic dead corpses removal


          Type: info
         Title: Sfx/Basic dead corpses removal
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
         TaskId: i33781
Effective from: CWS undoapi
    CWS status: new

- SfxApplication::IsInBasicCall
- SfxCallMacro
- SfxObjectShell::IsBasic
- SfxMacroConfig
+ SfxApplication::Call(App)Basic
- SfxObjectShell::CallStarBasicScript
- SfxObjectShell::CallScript
- SfxObjectShell::Call
- SfxObjectShell::QueryTitle

Various Basic-related classes and/or methods in sfx2 have been
removed, since their transient closure had no connection to other OOo
code anymore. This affects at least all the classes and methods
mentioned above, plus probably some more I forgot to note ...

SfxMacroConfig::Call is now available as SfxApplication::Call(App)Basic.

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